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With passion and love for the good of environment and sustainability

Petrol based plastics are harmful to humans and the environment. In every year, millions of plastics, which are threats to life of hundreds of living, are produced in the world. It takes about 450 years for these plastics to disappear and every 1 kg of plastic entails 6 kgs of carbon emission.

Biolive, aiming to overcome these problems and fill the gaps in bio-plastic industry, is a biotechnology enterprise that designs and develops the production process of bio-based plastics, and produces and provides bio-based granules using olive seeds.

Bio-Pura, which is biodegradable, does not contain carcinogens and toxic substances, offers differentiated raw material alternatives that you can make a difference in our sector by offering the ideal solutions for your industry and special applications.

Bio-Hype, Bio-Pype and Bio-Lype products prepared with different ingredients can be used in many industries where petroleum-derived plastics are used.

We can work together for a cleaner world!

Use our bio-based plastic granules to make a difference in your industry, protect the environment and let the future generations live in a green world.





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