Our Story

Welcome to Biolive, where innovation meets sustainability to redefine the future of bioplastics. Our journey began in 2017 as a dynamic startup in an acceleration center, driven by a shared vision to create environmentally conscious solutions for a world in need.

Founding Visionaries

Biolive was founded by a team of visionaries who recognized the urgent need for sustainable alternatives in the plastics industry. Fueled by passion and a commitment to positive change, our founders set out to revolutionize the landscape of bioplastics.

Strategic Alliances with Zorlu Holding

In our pursuit of excellence, we forged a strategic partnership with Zorlu Holding, a collaboration that not only provided crucial financial support but also brought invaluable expertise to propel Biolive into new dimensions of success.

Innovation Hub at Yıldız Teknopark

At the heart of our innovation lies the R&D Lab at Yıldız Teknopark, where Biolive’s dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and visionaries collaboratively shape the future of bioplastic materials. This hub serves as a melting pot of creativity, fostering breakthroughs that set Biolive apart in the industry.

Strategic Decision-Making in Levent 199

Biolive’s Management Office in Levent 199 is not just a physical location; it’s the nerve center of our strategic decision-making process. Here, ideas are transformed into actions, and visions evolve into impactful strategies that drive Biolive’s success.

CHS Endüstriyel Partnership and Production Milestone

The journey took a significant leap forward with a second investment from CHS Endüstriyel. This partnership empowered Biolive to realize its ambitious dream—a high-capacity production facility in Tuzla. This milestone is a testament to our commitment to transforming sustainable ideas into tangible, eco-friendly products.

Sustainability at the Core

Biolive’s commitment to sustainability is more than a corporate mantra—it’s embedded in our DNA. Our bioplastic materials are meticulously designed and tested to not only meet industry standards but to surpass them, providing a green alternative without compromising on performance.

Join the Biolive Movement

As we invite you to explore our journey, innovations, and commitment to sustainability, we extend an invitation to join us in shaping a future where bioplastics play a pivotal role in creating a cleaner, greener planet.

Biolive: Where Innovation Meets Sustainability.