Frequently Asked Questions

BioPura is a 100% bio-based and biodegradable bioplastic raw material which is produced from olive pits by Biolive.

The “Bio” prefix means biological; relating to biology and “Olive” is a small oval fruit with a hard stone and bitter flesh, green when unripe and bluish-black when ripe. “Biolive” comes from re-living of the olive industry’s wastes as biopolymers.

These are some of Biolive’s commercial products which compound BioPura with traditional plastics. In this way, the companies diminish plastic use.

BioPura is FDA-approved and also has some certifications regarding fully bio-based material by DIN Certco. Please contact us to reach our other certifications.

No, our main mission is “the same machine, the same equipment, similar process parameters”.

Biolive provides tailor-made raw materials for the client’s purpose. In this way, Biolive can produce all products for the appropriate Technical Data Sheets which you already have.

Our clients can dye Biolive’s raw materials with any master batch colors.

Biolive has a facility in İstanbul, Tuzla DOSB. The capacity is 800 tons per month.

Due to Biolive’s unique technology, every agricultural waste can be used in Biolive’s patented technology. Regarding olive pits, only even Türkiye has 500.000 tons olive pits per year. Türkiye, Spain, Italy, Morocco, and Greece are the largest producers of olives.

Wood plastic composite is produced directly by feeding into the plastic material. However, BioPura is produced with a polymerization technique which is patented technology by Biolive.

BioPura comes from olive pits which are the olive industry’s wastes. Unlike other bioplastics, it is not a food source.

Biolive’s raw materials are always cheaper than other bioplastics such as PLA, PHA, etc, and a little bit more expensive than petroleum-based plastics. 

BioPura’s benefits are bifold. From the olive industry perspective, Biolive closes the loop by upcycling their industrial waste which has no food value and no use area in any industry. Also, from the plastic industry’s perspective, Biolive provides maximum use of renewable resources for the plastic industry, lowering carbon footprints and helping brands to comply with the regulations.

We can provide sample raw material.

Biolive can globally ship customers’ orders upon their request. Please contact us in advance.

The minimum amount of the order is 5 tons. 

Please send an email to [email protected] Our sales team will help you.